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Life Begins: Livingstone, Zambia

" We have a choice: do something or do nothing. It’s as simple as that. We want to do something".

Life Begins

Life Begins is a UK registered charity operating in Livingstone, Zambia. Their main focus is on early childhood development, but more recently they have expanded their activities to include assistance to elderly and disabled people, primarily those who care for young children.

The donations from The Sutasoma Trust have been mostly allocated to support the education, general welfare and nutritional needs of the children and those who care for them.

Peanut Butter Project: Livingstone, Zambia

The Sutasoma Trust made a donation sometime back to Susiko, a Zambian lady who manages and maintains a project, making peanut butter.

Approximately 12 local ladies now sell the peanut butter, earning a percentage of what they sell.

The Sutasoma Trust helped Susiko to purchase her second peanut processing machine which is now set up and running alongside her original one at her family home.

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