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Lewa: Community Activities

The Lewa community program supports various activities in areas that are within its strategic five-year development zone. These activities include: community water development, agricultural extension, social and infrastructure development, community forestry and women’s microenterprise development.

To ensure the safety and viability of the resident wildlife, Lewa collaborates with the local communities, providing direct support for the development of education, water, healthcare and sustainable livelihood programmes.

Lewa: Conservation Activities

Meetings and workshops focusing on natural spring conservation

Lewa supports the conservation of springs that are the primary sources for many of the rivers that supply water to local communities.

These include the Rugusu springs, the Mkuu springs, and especially the Lewa spring, which supplies a large amount of water to all of the rivers in the area that flow for over 60 KM. These sustainable projects enable a direct water supply to approximately 7000 people in the local area.

Lewa: 50% for Rhino Conservation and 50% for Northern Rangeland Trust

With the help of The Sutasoma Trust, Lewa continues to protect its rhinos. The Conservancy’s population of rhinos has been growing steadily over the past 20 years, up until very recently when poaching in the area escalated to heights never experienced before.

To date, Lewa has lost a total of 18 rhinos, with a particular severe period in 2013 when Lewa lost 6 rhinos.

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