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The Sutasoma Trust: supporting humanitarian, educational and artistic projects worldwide

The Sutasoma Trust takes its name from Prince Sutasoma, the ‘Enlightened One’ who taught Buddhism in India around the 5th century BC. Like Prince Sutasoma, The Sutasoma Trust believes in the enhancement of the human consciousness to help create a higher level of awareness, compassion and empathy for others around us.

By supporting humanitarian and educational projects throughout the world, The Sutasoma Trust and its partners aim to fulfill these beliefs by offering the disadvantaged the very foundations with which to build a fairer and more sustainable future.

Some of the projects we support:

Real life stories

The Sutasoma Trust photo essays document the work of the various humanitarian and educational projects we support. Through these stories we hope to generate awareness of the difficulties the people we support face. Learn more about real life stories

Sharing our vision - for a more compassionate and caring world

We believe everyone has the right to education, health care, adequate shelter and the right to freedom from persecution on the grounds of race, religion or gender. To achieve this aim we support humanitarian and educational projects worldwide.